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This is a simple meta-search engine for ecommerce in the Willamette Valley.

The idea was born out of the frustration of trying to check if there was a "local" way to buy a particular board game. Since there was no simple way to check this, I decided that it was time to create a search aggregator.

Amazon, Wallmart and other large ecommerce platforms have an indisputable edge given most people don't even know where to start if they want to shop locally online. Search engines are full of ads and non-local product results. This website is here to remove the barriers that consumers might face shopping for local products online.

Currently the central focus is on Corvallis and Albany, but I'm looking to expand to other local businesses in other areas, provided there is interest and I have time.

How it works

I have curated a list of small local businesses with websites that can be searched. When you make a search :

  1. We check if we have cached results that match (no need to make duplicate requests)
  2. Make requests to all businesses enabled in the search options searching for your query
  3. We aggregate all the results and shuffle them for good measure
  4. Finally, we display all the results to you!

Contact me

My name is Micah, you can find my contact information on my personal website.


All the code that runs this website is open-source and licensed under AGPL.